Minecraft Dragon Oral / anal / cock vore Map

This is epic model is a dragon model is has oral vore with mouth, anal vore with ass & rectum, and cock vore with dick & balls xd. I is use modle import from obj website and is added the insides and dick on it. This is fulltour model is has cock with balls u can go inside. Thur is no body fluids or scat though but u can add it by placeing snow 4 cum, or brown concrete 4 shit, or yellow terracotta 4 acid. or sumthing like that. just remember that this is minecraft world is can be edited all u want after download.

ZIP: Open the zip file & drag the folder into yer mienkraft saves folder XD!

EXE: Go thrugh the intall thingy and it will automaticly put in in yer minecraft.